How can I upgrade from CI3 to CI4.

How can I upgrade from CI3 to CI4?

You must update your code and configuration files in order to upgrade from CI3 to CI4. Web searches at revealed this.Some of the procedures are listed in the question at

• To comprehend the updated features and modifications, read the CodeIgniter 4 user manual.

Use Composer, a tarball, or a zip file to install CodeIgniter 4.

• Download and install the ci3-to-4-upgrade-helper tool. This programme assists you with routine activities like renaming files and folders, altering namespaces and class names, and more.

• Modify the default CI4 configuration files’ values in accordance with the modifications made to the CI3 files. Most of the configuration names are carried over from CI3.

• If your CI3 project has customised configuration files, your CI4 project requires the creation of new PHP classes.

• If you have custom config files in your CI3 project, you need to create new PHP classes in your CI4 project in app/Config that extend CodeIgniter\Config\BaseConfig. Then copy the variables from the CI3 config files into the new CI4 config classes as public properties.

• Change the config fetching syntax everywhere you fetch config values. The CI3 syntax is something like $this->config->item(‘item_name’);. You need to change this into config(‘MyConfigFile’)->item_name;.

• Upgrade the migration table definition and its data if you use the same database for both versions. You can migrate the database with a simple CLI command: php spark migrate.

  1. Update your CodeIgniter files. …
  2.  Update your classes file names. …
  3.  Replace config/mimes. …
  4.  Remove $autoload[‘core’] from your config/autoload. …
  5.  Move your Log class overrides or extensions. …
  6. Update your Session library usage.
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